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Our Community Creed

We are a people, aware of our imperfections; seek to be made perfect in Christ. We willingly and joyfully enlist in a continuous internal adjustment program. His kingdom reigns within our hearts; we defer to His preferences. We were created and do exist for His own pleasure and His own purpose. We commit ourselves to pleasing God in all things and in all circumstances.

We commit to being fortified with kingdom principles and thus be kingdom compliant. We denounce a ‘bless me’ mentality; we embrace a ‘bless God’ mentality. We renounce escapist and victim mentality and commit to Daniel’s mentality. Our hearts are set on the JOURNEY; our eyes are fixed on our DESTINATION. Our hearts and soul are anchored on the FINISH; and herein we exercise all our faculties…Read More

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March 31, 2019 3:00 am

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