My thoughts on this Election

I am a firm believer in not being partisan and have always been that way. I have been challenged before that one cannot be neutral in political electioneering processes. Having a preferred candidate, I will vote for and being partisan are two different things as far as I am concerned.

Firstly, I am not a card-carrying member of any political party and may never be because there is no political ideology any of them subscribe to except ‘grabbing power by all means’ philosophy.

Secondly, that I voted for a preferred candidate or party doesn’t blind me to their deficiencies and betrayals to the mass of Nigerian people. Four years is enough for me to make up my mind whether to vote again for them or vote against them. I will not gloss over their failures or try to ridiculously defend the obviously, indefensible shortcomings.

Thirdly, it doesn’t matter which way I voted, once a winner emerges, I owe them my allegiance and prayers. I will pray for them and support them even if I voted against them. It is to my advantage and that of the whole country if they do well against my expectations. If by the end of their tenure they did well, I will vote for them but if not, I will campaign against them and vote against them.

All of us the electorates are on the same side, Team Nigeria, we want what is best for us as a nation (except those with different agenda of course). Our ideas and convictions of what we think are the best for the country and the means of achieving them may naturally differ.

However, there is an oligarchy that is not necessarily in Team Nigeria – Our political elites and their beneficiaries (not all, though). They play the rest of us against each other with their lies and rhetoric which most of us cannot see through. They play up religious, ethnic and tribal sentiments and thus activate us into bitter verbal war and diatribe. My thinking is that we should try as much as we can to be civilized and stop this diatribe however tempting it is, it is not worth it. After all, if the candidate you voted in is a true statesman (who is mature enough to rise above voting patterns, ethnicity and religion, and show leadership), we will all be better for it. We are all Team Nigeria and proudly so!

Our Political elites should begin to show leadership [by leading from the front] and engage in issues-based campaign and not this foolish campaign of calumny and hate they are spreading. We will hold you accountable, no matter how long it takes. Your campaign of calumny and outright outlandish lies are counter-productive, and they are not winning over anybody to your side. Most people had already taken a position long before all these gerrymandering.

You are merely polarizing the polity and dangerously dancing on the fault lines of the nation. You can only fool some people sometimes, you cannot fool everybody all the time. A new generation of politically enlightened people is already here. Watch your back. All over the world political leader are being made to account for their stewardship long after they have left office and most of them are serving prison terms. You will be held responsible for the deplorable state of our country; your trading of blames and cross carpeting doesn’t fool us.

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