About Us


The Senior Elder of New Tribes Assembly is Brendy Mba Ndukwe. He got saved in June 1981 and got an indication of call to Christian ministry in 1986 during his final year in the school of Engineering. He functioned in various capacities in spiritual ministry and served at different church communities in different cities for about twenty years before pioneering New Tribes Assembly in 2001.

New Tribes Assembly began with only the senior elder, his wife, four little children and two house helps. It was indeed a very humble beginning and a very trying one. Our history has been a very chequered one, stemming from the fact that we were pioneering a new assembly that was not at the time connected to any other; in a completely new city (different from the one we were known previously in ministry work) and proclaiming the “unpopular” Present Truth Purpose of God.

Part of our formative process was for me to pastor mixed multitudes who sometimes threaten to hijack or derail our process [We’ve had a fair share of that experience]. Long and arduous has been our journey up until this point. We have had reasons to start all over again in our early years, sometimes with less than five members. Our long journey has forged [toughened] us and made us resilient. We have had to learn vital and deep lessons in difficult ways.

One of such learning is the “Power of Divine Naming” [Gadites Community] – a journey of discovering who we are ordained to be as a community in Christ and embracing the Transformative and sieving processes. Identity is warfare [not defined or imprinted by any external circumstance] was another tough lesson we embraced.


The “Present Truth Purpose” of God informs our attitudes, patterns, approaches and culture in everything we do. We believe that for a successful life journey on earth, we have to live by every word that proceeds from God’s mouth. He is a talking God that keeps His communication with His children current. “I will build my church” is a current on-going process; therefore, our structures, shapes, expressions and emphasis keep evolving and advancing as the kingdom of forcefully advances.
The implication of Congress-WBN [www.congresswbn.org] being our wider world bears directly also on everything we are and do. We act within a local context from the perspective that we exist in a global community. We are Global, we are borderless and we are a 24/7 kingdom people. We proclaim and express the kingdom of God (The kingdom is the impact of God on all systems of human life). This kingdom starts its focus on our inside (The kingdom of God is within you) and extrudes through all dimension of our human existence. Our heart position is more important than our external activities. Our values are more important than our programs.


The primacy of Pursuing the Purpose of the Lord and of Exalting the Lord always and in all things.
Progressive Christianity: Migration, journeying, transitioning and movement are definitive words that describe our mentality. The willingness to abandon positions that are no longer required by the Lord; Spiritual advance by moral excellence and character correctness.
Emphasis on Building and a de-emphasis on Blessing: The corporate community understands building as a gravitational word of the time and each member is encouraged to build and manifest the purpose of the Lord in their own lives and corporately as one community. Development of the total community; not limited simply to the manifestation of great charismatic gifts.
Community life: We are continually redefining the nature of our “Church” by underscoring the need for a corporate tribe which requires less of church mentality but more of kingdom mentality. Developed corporate ability to move to outwardly modern forms in practice; while moving to more ancient spiritual positions in the spirit.
Spirit of Servant hood: We are a servant church to the global church community.
Significant hard work: The need for human labour to be joined to divine initiative. Corporate commitment to excellence in all things.


There is no place in the kingdom for complaining about someone to another one else. The process of dealing with offences is clearly spelt out in Matthew 18: 15-18.
The kingdom does not tolerate duplicity; the integrity of your word must never be in doubt. An absolute refusal to engage in hypocrisy, the destruction of the Pharisee element. Matthew 5:37 and James 5:12.
The absolute need to recognize our mistakes, take full responsibility for them and change. We must confront our failures and make no excuses for them. No advance can be achieved unless we become accountable for our actions. Matthew 21:28-31.
We must be slow to speak and slow to judge but quick in hearing. No competition, do not think of yourself more highly than you ought to think. Death to our personal motives. Our actions must be governed by the will of the Lord. Romans 12:18-21; Acts 16:7.