‘A troop cometh’: We have strength in collaboration.We are a Warlike Tribe, We are Community minded, and we have internal capacity for exploits because one of us is a troop.

A troop shall trample on him, but he shall triumph at last’: We see and have advantage in apparent physical disadvantage. We are vigilant and never drop our guard. We are Resilient (rebound readily);and we are Tenacious (persistent determination).

‘Lion-like and swiftness’: We are fiercesome warriors; we are fearless and bold, we embrace challenges, we are Rugged, and we have speed of response (Alacrity). We are ambidextrous.

Trained for Battle’: We are Disciplined and focused. We endure hardship as good soldiers. We keep regimen without flinching. We live disentangled with civilian (earthly)affairs. The least of us is a match for a hundred, and the greatest for a thousand.

‘Kept their promise to Moses’:We are promise keepers; we are Faithful;we carry care and Concern for other’s welfare; we fight for ourselves and for others.

‘Identified with David’: We are Perceptiveness, we die to personal ambition. We are good followers.


We are a people, aware of our imperfections; seek to be made perfect in Christ.

We willingly and joyfully enlist in a continuous internal adjustment program.

His kingdom reigns within our hearts; we defer to His preferences.

We were created and do exist for His own pleasure and His own purpose.

We commit ourselves to pleasing God in all things and in all circumstances.

We commit to being fortified with kingdom principles and thus be kingdom compliant.

We denounce a ‘bless me’ mentality; we embrace a ‘bless God’ mentality.

We renounce escapist and victim mentality and commit to Daniel’s mentality.

Our hearts are set on the JOURNEY; our eyes are fixed on our DESTINATION.

Our hearts and soul are anchored on the FINISH; and herein we exercise all our faculties.

We are irrevocably committed to become All God destined us to be.

CHRISTLIKENESS is our passion; SON-SHIP is our pursuit; we commit to the PROCESS.

We will not abort our process no matter how long or rigorous it becomes.

We commit to remaining constant and consistent to the very end.

We abandon solitariness, we embrace community and synergy of Spirit corporateness produces.

We are created for a community, fashioned for fellowship and formed for a family.

We need each other to be able to fulfil purpose in God.

We will do everything to protect and preserve the integrity and values of this Church family.