We call the messages we receive from God ‘Downloads’ and that informs how we interact with it. The understanding stems from the fact that we need stuff (manna) from the upper realm to sustain us through this earthly (wilderness journey) pilgrimage. We do not pull up stuff from the earth because we recognize that nothing in this wilderness can sustain spiritual life; we can only be sustained by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

There is a huge difference between a Preacher paradigm and a Builder paradigm. We do not scavenge for material to preach in every other meeting, rather we camp around and strategically build with download that comes to us both from within the leadership of our Community and that of Congress-WBN. Consistent downloads from God that has been our experience over many years is preceded by an upload; put in other words, our response to His Word activates God to keep talking to us.

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