Our meetings are designed like a closed-loop process.


We gather for a time of celebrating the beauty of His presence in robust praise and worship. We equally celebrate our connectedness and oneness that transcends just our moments of fellowship. The high point however, is when we are engaged with current, relevant, and insightful exposé of His Word that defines us, defines where we are at, defines accurate response and thus charts the way forward for us as we negotiate our pathway to the FINISH.


Our Wednesday “Interactive sessions” is when we camp around and ‘unpack’ what we heard on Sunday. We unravel micro applications of the macro truths that came to us. The word must come to us where we are and find relevance and application. If we don’t track truth, they will be lost on us. The encamping continues in our virtual world and our family engagement studies.


Embedding truth into our lives isn’t possible without the help of the Holy Spirit. One of the major features of our Friday prayer meetings is to pray into issues that have been raised within the week from Sunday download. We peer into His mind on issues and pray accordingly, we don’t impose our preference at God by just tossing scripture texts at Him.